Wanted to buy: Atmos clocks of JLC

I want to buy for myself and for all my clients (who do not realise yet that they are in need for a clock themselfes but that will certainly happen when they see my clocks ūüėȬ†¬†Atmos klokken made by¬†Jaeger LeCoultre (and if in really nice condition for normal prices: Reutter Atmos clocks). Price depends on the Atmos version and condition ofcourse, and when they run OK it is great but not a necessaty.

The Atmos “runs” on temperature difference, 1 degree difference per day is enough for a power reserve of 36 hours. An Atmos – if properly adjusted and in a quiet place – needs very¬†little energy: where a modern watch has a tick number of 28,800 or 36,600 per hour, an Atmos uses 120! Balance turns left for 30 seconds then right for 30 seconds – that’s it… Great devices and I’d like to buy some. If you have one for sale or if you know one for sale, please send me a¬†message. Bringing or picking up is the best in terms of clock sensitivity…

Thank you for your time.




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