Rolex Datejust Zebra 116189BBR B/P 2014

A conservative company in a very conservative country can make pretty outragious watches besides the standard Datejusts and Day-Dates, like the GMT Eye of the Tiger or the Daytona Leopard. And this one!, the white golden 36mm Datejust ZEBRA with reference number 116189-BBR! This is one of the rarest Datejusts made by Rolex – rumours go that only 100 have been made. Seems like a pretty strong story… Anyhow, with a list price of 62.000 USD ten year ago not many have been sold. The ultimate watch for nice ladies and guys with good taste: completely factory set baguettes on the bezel, also the diamonds on the side of the bezel (only Rolex which has this?), the diamond set Zebra-dial and very unique, the 10 large best quality diamonds in the rubber/stingray bracelet! These diamonds can be set over to another (larger?) rubber strap by Rolex, but don’t loose one because that will set you back €2.500. This 36mm DJ comes with its guarantee card and a standard Rolex box… When bars and restaurants open you will be the only one who has this watch! And in a world where a steel pepsi or Daytona is 2x list and a steel Nautilus 5711 4x list – watches like these will be the collectable ones…




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