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we buy, sell and trade MENS Rolex & Patek watches. 

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If you want to sell us your Rolex watch you can offer it on this page. Within 24 hours you will receive an answer and/or offer. We have the right not to buy your watch for whatever reason, for example if we already have a few of your models, it is not complete or if it rains all day. At this moment we only buy, sell and trade MENS Rolex & Patek watches. Please indicate the model and reference numner, age, condition and please indicate if the watch is complete or not.

When we buy watches online we are obliged to register this purchase with the Dutch Police (Helingpreventie Gooise Meren) together with the ID of the seller (you). Police has the right to investigate the watch and seller for two weeks. If the watch seems stolen or reported missing SUBGMT is not responsible for any damage and the sale will be reversed).

If you do not like these terms please dont send in your watch. If you agree: fantastic! Can you also mention the age and condition and what comes with the watch please? Thank you.

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